The Perfect Pipeline

A quick injection of great talent for your existing recruiting pipeline

Identifying qualified passive candidates for highly-specialized scientific roles can be tricky!


That's why we are introducing a new service, The Perfect Pipeline, designed specifically to save your HR department precious time and energy.

In-house recruiters are fantastic at reaching out to candidates on behalf of their companies, but it is exceedingly rare to find a recruiter with the strong scientific background necessary to quickly and efficiently target ideal passive candidates.

That’s where we shine. Our recruiters are all PhD-level scientists with the skills to identify qualified candidates for your tricky and often extremely specific scientific roles.

Let us load the pipeline for you.

We can identify the appropriate candidate population for the job, and we can do it quickly, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a contingency or retained firm to do it. Basically, we make a list of candidates (including contact information) to fill your pipeline so your recruiting department can get to work doing what they do best, without becoming unnecessarily bogged down by the subtle nuances of sourcing for various scientific fields.

The Perfect Pipeline is a customizable service; we can create one large list or as many smaller lists as your needs require.

We will also be completely honest with you. No padding the pipeline with unqualified candidates to meet a quota. Integrity is everything to us, so if we can’t complete a list due to a lack of qualified candidates, we will be up-front about it. Every candidate on our list will be a candidate we highly recommend contacting for the role specified. No exceptions.

When you receive your list of scientific candidates, it is yours to do with as you wish; we retain no ownership of the contacts we provide to fill your pipeline.

The Perfect Pipeline is a simple, cost-effective, and commitment-free way to make your talent acquisition department look great.

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