scientific recruiting, scientifically

We are not typical scientific recruiters...

Our recruiters are PhD-level scientists backed by a wonderful administrative team to keep things affordable for our clients.  We provide highly-targeted and intelligent scientific sourcing for all levels: from research associates to VPs to science writers. We work directly with hiring managers to craft a job description and identify candidates who are actually qualified. Scientific candidates are usually much more willing to speak with our consultants than with a traditional recruiters. After all, we scientists do love to talk shop with other scientists.

Our services are completely customizable and scalable for any company and any situation. Take a quick look at our offerings, then ask how we can help save your team time, energy, and money.

The Perfect Pipeline

Because all of our recruiters are experts in various scientific fields, we can quickly and efficiently load a your next pipeline with great candidates. Then it's up to your team to engage with each candidate according to your own recruiting workflows. We make it easy for your team to shine!

Hourly Recruiting

We augment your recruiting team whenever you have a difficult, highly technical, or urgent scientific role. We will source, engage and screen each candidate to create a qualified interview pool. As an added bonus, we grow your brand at the same time! Find our how hourly recruiting can help your team.

startup Services

As a fellow startup company, we understand your needs... money is tight, the hours are long, and selecting the candidate is essential to survival. We can help small companies that lack an established in-house recruiting team find, engage, and land top talent, for a price that will make you smile.